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Welcome Home

Sunday Service

At C3 we love our Sunday services and we’re sure you will too! Come early for a coffee and a snack at our breakfast bar. Join in on our lively and dynamic worship. Listen to practical and biblically solid messages. Kids will love our Club J program designed especially for them!

Our service starts at 10:10am and finishes about 11:45am, just in time for lunch.


Worship is such a vital part of who we are at C3 – we love to worship! We believe that in those amazing moments when heaven touches earth, lives are changed and we come to a greater understanding of how incredible it is to know God. We like it loud. We like it passionate. We like it lively. And we believe that God does too.


Jesus always preached a simple yet challenging message: Love God and Love People. Jesusʼ message was not for a select few – it was for everyone. Jesusʼ message was not for a select time – it was for all time. Jesusʼ message brought hope to the hopeless, freedom to the captive, and a light to the lost. The messages you will hear at C3 will not differ from the message Jesus preached.


Without a heart a body ceases to live. Without prayer a church ceases to live. Prayer is an essential part of C3 North Calgary – we won’t do church without it. Come be a part:

C3 Church-Wide Prayer

Tuesdays at 7:30pm in the sanctuary

Men's Prayer

Fridays at 5:00am in the sanctuary

Pre-Service Prayer

Sunday mornings at 9:15am in the strategy room

Club J Kids

Proverbs 22:6 – “Train a child the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it”


We are passionate about our kids! We know the value and impact that the early years of a child’s life will have on their future. We believe in providing a fun and safe place for kids to grow in their relationship with God. We also believe in finding ways to help parents raise healthy kids in strong families – spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We understand the power of unity and partership are are committed to serving not only kids but families as a whole.


We believe at Sunday should be your kids’ favorite day of the week! Club J is for kids age 3 to grade 6 and starts at 10:30am just after our Sunday service begins. It’s loaded with awesome worship time, incredible interactive lessons plus great games and take home activities. For kids unders age 3 we also provide a nursery with great staff!

ONE Youth

ONE Youth is for students in Jr. & Sr. High School.


Being a teenager is tough! School is tough. Friendships can be tough. Family can be tough. Everything is changing so fast and it can be tough to keep up with it all! At ONE we get what itʼs like to be a teenager and we want to provide a place to help you navigate these crazy years. It all starts with a connection with God, connection with great leaders and connection with great friends.


THIS FRIDAY MARCH 22 We’re putting Alpha on pause for ONE WEEK to go play a round of Monster Mini Golf! C3 AT 7 PM BRING $10 AND A FRIEND #calgary #yyc #one


THIS FRIDAY MARCH 15 ALPHA WEEK 5 PRAYER: Why and how do I pray? C3 AT 7 PM #calgary #yyc #one #alpha


THIS FRIDAY MARCH 8 ALPHA WEEK 4 FAITH: How can I have faith? C3 AT 7 PM #calgary #yyc #one #alpha


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Worship & Arts

At C3 we love to worship God!


We believe that in those amazing moments when heaven touches earth lives are changed and wecome to a greater understanding of how incredible it is to know God. We’ve got a great team that helps makes this happen every week:

Worship Team

It’s not just about playing an instrument or singing in a band – it’s about connecting to God. Our teamis full of talent but it’s the heart to serve, give and our love for God that makes this team what it is. Come and worship with us this Sunday!

Sound & Media

One of our most vital teams at C3 but you might not even notice them! From the sound board to the projection screens, this team helps make Sunday mornings happen by making sure you can hear and see everything that’s going on.


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